The four-legged, hardworking dogs we share our lives with are not just our colleagues and teammates
but also highly loved family members where each individual holds a very special place in our hearts.
Our dogs are such an essential part of the life we ​​love - the responsibility lies on us to give them a life they love.

Working together with live animals is a privilege - but it also comes with a great responsibility. Our firm conviction in RAXEIRA'S is that what we do in the business must never be at the expense of the physical and mental health of our dogs. Therefore, we place great emphasis on transparency and openess in our care of the dogs. We see it as our responsibility that our guests understand that dog sled tourism is not just about the fun, but also a lot about spreading knowledge about these amazing dogs and the cooperation, mutual trust and respect between human and dog that mushing is truly all about.

Our philosophy at RAXEIRA'S is that our role as packleader is about meeting the needs of our dogs in the form of security, closeness and dogcare - but also to meet their great need for physical and mental stimulation. Our siberian huskies love to run and work together in the team, there is no doubt about that. They were born to run. It is of great importance to us that they feel true joy in their work.

Our dogs live in packs and mostly outdoors in large, enriched kennels with daily access to a large free-running area with lots of enrichment. In there, in addition to training, they spend their free time doing typically doggy things such as playing, sunbathing, digging and other things they find most enjoyable.Our dogs also regularly spend time with us indoors, where they cuddle with us on the couch or sleep in our bed - sometimes perhaps most for our own sake. It is not uncommon that some of our dogs prefers to sleep outdoors at night to avoid the heat indoors.

During most of the year the focus lies on mushing both on dryland and snow, but during the warmer months we regularly take our dogs on walks, mountain hikes, clicker train them and other things we find fun doing together. In the summer, when the water is warm enough, they also get to swim a lot to maintain good condition and muscle before the training season starts. Throughout the year we spend a lot of time building strong, durable bodies through a varied training. Our dogs are get check-ups by our canine physiotherapist on a regular basis. This helps us to be proactive about their physical health and maintenance of their bodies.We also strongly believe that rest and good recovery are very important elements for the well-being of our athletic friends. That is why we make sure to give the dogs a couple of weeks of continuous "vacation" after a completed training season, before the summer's fitness training starts.

Scroll down to read and get to know more about the members of the Raxeira pack.


Kit is undoubtedly the kindest dog in the pack - actually, he might even be the kindest dog in the world.
This is a calm, slightly timid and very gentle gentleman who avoids messy situations to spend his time stealing unlimited amounts of soft cuddles instead. He is the perfect dog to introduce to children or anyone who is unsure of dogs. In the pack he gets along with everything and everyone; this is a great individual to have around young dogs and he often has a big role to play in nurturing  and mentoring puppies/youngsters.
Kit likes to spend his days relaxing, snoozing in the straw, on top of the doghouse roof or in a newly dug pit somewhere.
But you must not be fooled by his great calm in our everyday life - he is an intense worker in the harness.
In the team, he is one of our most important and most experienced command leaders with a great will-to-please, as well as an important mentor for younger abilities.
In older days Kit has become somewhat stubborn, but for the most part this is a real rock that works as your right hand.

Born March 19, 2011 at kennel Lazy Lupus. Uncle to Ratchel.


Surprise is a real dynamo with a clowny side to her personality. She LOVES cuddles, kisses and attention and will often become a big favorite  - especially among the children.
Her social skills in the pack are invaluable and this is a gal who skillfully and diplomatically avoids conflicts.
In the running team she has become a reliable command leader who always works diligently, with great ambition and with a high drive to cooperate with her human. And her positive attitude and love for work is contagious!
Surprise is the dog in the pack that , by far, has the highest will-to-please, which is why she often gets the confidence to go off leash at home and is also playfully called the packs' little Border Collie.

Born March 14, 2013 at kennel Blue Neptune's. Half aunt to Lumi, (half) great-aunt to Déjà and also mother to Raxeira's first own litter.


Cora is a fast-thinking and speedy young lady with great integrity. She is of the slightly shy kind, the kind whose trust and attention one must show oneself worthy of and she can sometimes seem a little cautious around new people. But one thing is for sure - Cora has a heart of gold. This is a young female who truly loves to run and work in harness; she is ambitious, driven and very focused in the running team and has been this way ever since she was a rookie.
In the past, she's been running a lot in the middle of the team, but when we discovered how quickly she learned commands during the winter of 2018 we decided to let her step up to the point position. During the season of 2019/20 she has now begun her training to become a command leader - and so far she has proven to be more than ready for it.
It is very clear that this is a natural born leader, with a true love for running in front and taking responsibility on.

Born April 21, 2018 at kennel Polar Pawprints. Sister to Santi.


Santi is a real softie! This is a sensitive and wise boy who likes to take it easy in life. He is kind to everyone and very clever in social situations that require good communication. Santi is a playful boy, but does not like it when dogs are rude or things get tense - you can always trust him to walk away from heated or tense situations. Out of all our dogs, this is one of the cuddliest - he loves petting, snuggling and massages. Like with most young huskies there is a lot of energy in his body, but at the same time there's a calmness around this dog. He can be quite the philosopher.

In the team he is often found as a wheeldog since he is big and strong - a wonderful asset when it comes to rough jobs!
He rarely messy in start-ups, although you will always hear him.
Santi has a marvellous trott and will keep it up to 25-27 km/h - and is a natural at the stake-out. An incredibly lovely dog both in everyday life, in the pack and to bring on tours!

Born April 21, 2018 at kennel Polar Pawprints. Brother to Cora.


Aska is a goofy and cozy cuddle bear with an incredible number of nicknames, who love to stand with their front paws against one's shoulders and kiss/cuddle. A lovely dog to be around if you are a little inexperienced or insecure around dogs! This is a very talkative lady that doesn't really sound like any of of other dogs - rather she sounds a bit like a screaming monkey. She has a lot of opinions and likes to express them loudly, which also means that she is heard a lot both in starts with the team and when it's time for food (which she loves). Aska is best friends with Santi and the two have become like peanutbutter and jelly. She is also a very compliant and softhearted female who is very fond of staying around her pack and/or humans.

In the team she is an uncomplicated dog who does a really rough job and likes to work hard. She is strong, powerful and persevering  - and wise when it comes to distributing her energy.

Born February 24, 2018 at kennel Moonlovers.


Sally is a social young female with endless amounts of energy and a very independent side to her personality. She is kind, soft, a little goofy and very playful - while she always tries to avoid conflicts. Sally is a very active dog who likes to dig, climb and balance when she doesn't race around with her pack mates in the play area. She loves to cuddle and kiss - but she doesn't always have time to snuggle for long since she is always on the move.

In the team, Sally is a dog who contributes with a lot of motor and intensity. She is an incredibly ambitious worker who always wants to speed up and keep moving forward. You will often find her in point or in lead since she is responsive, great with commands and loves to lead her team.Like Santi, Sally has an incredible ground-covering trott and will stay in this very efficient pace up until 25-26 km/h.
In starts, she is a real hothead, impatient and is often harnessed last since she otherwise chews on her harness. She's the type of dog that jumps fences in order not to be left behind.

Born November 21, 2016 at kennel Team Israelsson.


Lumi is a real cuddlebug! This is a goofy, highly social and soft male that loves attention. He will often shower both the other dogs and people with his limitless affection - his kisses are very intense, caring and sometimes a little too loving.
Lumi likes to nibble when he shows his love for someone, not hard, but with passion. And he will look deeply into your eyes in the meantime. Yes, it's quite hard not to be completely charmed by this sweet goofball!
He is extremely kind and does everything he can to avoid conflicts. In the play area he is playful, a little crazy sometimes and loves to race around with his friends.
In the running team, Lumi does well in most positions, even in lead - but he still has to build confidence when it comes to taking on the heaviest responsibilities as a leaddog.
He is a very nice dog to deal with both in everyday life and in the team, albeit quite hot in the starts where he can be allover the place before the take-off.

Born May 16, 2016 at kennel Villiviimas. Half-uncle to Déjà and (half) nephew to Surprise.


Ratchel - best known as Rackarn ("rascal" in Swedish) - is one of our great guest favorites at the kennel. She charms both adults and children with her kind, clownish and cozy personality. This is a gal that absolutely loves to cuddle - she will often fold double like a ragdoll and almost melts into your lap once petted. She is usually a very obedient dog, but you should not be fooled behind that innocent face - she is a bit of a trickster and is often the brain behind the mischief that other dogs in the pack perform for her! She has been nicknamed Rackarn ("rascal") and Rackartyget ("mischief") for a reason.

She can be put in any position in the team, works best when the conditions are heavy and this is a dog that will do wonders next to messy young dogs since she is calm and stable during starts.
She will also do well as a command leader - she knows every aspect of the job, but is not always happy with the responsibility it means to be a leader. Ratchel thinks it is more fun to run in point and work as a backup-leader.

Born September 20, 2015 on kennel Lazy Lupus. Kit's niece.


Déjà is a sensitive and soft girl with a tough, sometimes a little cocky and impulsive exterior that can put her in difficult situations from time to time. She is intense, energetic and loves to run so fast that it looks almost like she's flying through the air without ever touching the ground in the free-running area. Déjà is also one of the dogs on the kennel that has the greatest need for physical stimulation and work to be harmonious and happy. She is often the most happy during high season when she's collecting many miles in her legs and paws.

Déjà very much likes snuggles of the calm and quiet kind. Most so when she is allowed to stand on the back legs and with the front legs resting on one's forearms.

She is undoubtedly on of the biggest hotheads of the team and will often chew ropes if she has to stand and wait too long - something we have to work a lot with in order for her to stop. At the beginning of the season she is almost always standing without a team mate by her side - this keeps her a lot calmer. Once in motion Déjà will always work hard and with great discipline. She always wants to move forward and has a very tough working head which will demand of the musher to always observe and interpret small signals. Déjà prefers to run fast, but she is also a real asset when trails are heavy and the going gets tough as she is a strong female with lots of preserverance. Runs mostly in team or wheel.

Born on September 25, 2017 at kennel Amanuq, France. Cousin to Filur, (half) niece of Lumi, and related to Surprise and the puppies.


Filur is a small, slightly absent-minded and active youngster who actually thinks it's really nice to cuddle but will often play too cool to admit it. Actually, he is probably a little insecure, such as teenage boys often can be when they are playing it cool. He is curious and responsive, but independent. And he loves to play, wrestle and run really fast!

In the team he is still a rookie during the season of 2019/20, but he's proving himself to be a real asset and very interesting to run. Filur rarely has time to mess about in the team - he's all work and drive. Heavy or fast doesn't matter as long as it moves forward. He has shown his capability to such an extent that he has already started to run short runs as a leaddog and it is very clear that he thrives when running in front. An exciting guy and developement to witness!

Born on September 13, 2018 at kennel Snowzillas. Cousin to Déjà.


Piro is a real energetic and fun-loving little guy with a huge desire to express his emotions loudly. He is always on the move, full of mishief and can be quite crazy in his way of seeking attention. Piro is very bound to his pack/humans and does just about anything for food. He also loves to cuddle (when he has the time) and passionately kiss you - although one must be aware of ones nose tip! 

Born August 24th, 2019 here at the kennel. Piro is the son of Surprise and sibling of Neira.


Neira is a highly social, energetic and intelligent little female with a very big will-to-please. She loves to run fast, climb and balance on just about any surface - and she will often tell her bulldozer brother off. You can tell that this girl is a deepthinker and there's something in her eyes that will charm just about anyone. Neira loves to climb up on our shoulders, where she likes to sit while she's passionately kissing our faces. Just like her brother, she is very bound to her pack/humans and will do just about anything for food. 

Born August 24th, 2019 here at the kennel. Daughter of Surprise and sibling to Piro.


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RAXEIRA'S är ett litet företag verksamt inom besöksnäringen i Glöte/Lofsdalsfjällen, Härjedalen.

Vi erbjuder personliga och hundnära outdoorupplevelser tillsammans med draghundar

under sommar, höst och vinter.


RAXEIRA'S is a small company based in Glöte/Lofsdalen, Härjedalen in Sweden. 

We offer genuine outdoor experiences with sleddogs during winter, summer and fall. 


We are nearly fully booked for the season!  There are still some available tour dates during week 12 & 14 - or until there is still enough snow on the ground.

           February 28, 2020

We are starting to get pretty fully booked throughout this winter season. We have some tour dates that are still available during week 4, 6 , 10-11 and 14-16.  

            January, 4th, 2020


Email: info@hundspannlofsdalen.com

Phone: (+46) 725 645 333

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