Cancellations should be made as soon as there’s a reason you cannot carry out the tour you booked.

Cancellations made from the booking date and up until 14 days before the tour will be refunded by 100% of the paid fee.

Cancellations made 7 days before the tour will be refunded by 75% of the paid fee.
If cancelled later than 7 days before your booked tour, you will be charged 100% of the total price of the booked tour.
If Raxeira Huskies for some reason should cancel the tour, you will be refunded the total amount of the booking costs.
You are personally responsible to make sure you have an insurance policy covering the risk of cancellation and travel insurance.


It is if great importance that you as a participant are aware of your obligations when booking an experience with us.

- You are responsible for checking your booking confirmation and its details, such as the dates and times. If there are any doubts or misunderstandings please contact us immediately.

-  You are responsible for providing us with correct personal and payment information when you make your booking.

- You are responsible for notifying us, as well as providing us with correct information regarding such things as age,size / weight (if we request it), health condition,

how experienced you are around dogs  and possible allergies.

-  You are personally responsible for any accidents that happen because of your behavior or unnecessary risk taking.

-  It is your responsibility as a participant to follow the rules and instructions you receive from us in connection with your experience.
This applies both during the trip/activity as well as the handling of and close contact with the animals.


Please note that we reserve  ourselves the right to make changes if the circumstances require.

This can concern changes in the maximum number of guests per trip or that tour times/days are changed and/or cancelled due to force majeure or safety reasons/ changed weather conditions.

Force majeure refers to unforeseen and unusual events that are beyond the control and responsibility of the organizer,

which directly prevents a tour or activity from being carried out as agreed.

Should this happen, we will always contact you as soon as possible to try to find a solution.


RAXEIRA'S är ett litet företag verksamt inom besöksnäringen i Glöte/Lofsdalsfjällen, Härjedalen.

Vi erbjuder personliga och hundnära outdoorupplevelser tillsammans med draghundar

under sommar, höst och vinter.


RAXEIRA'S is a small company based in Glöte/Lofsdalen, Härjedalen in Sweden. 

We offer genuine outdoor experiences with sleddogs during winter, summer and fall. 


We are nearly fully booked for the season!  There are still some available tour dates during week 12 & 14 - or until there is still enough snow on the ground.

           February 28, 2020

We are starting to get pretty fully booked throughout this winter season. We have some tour dates that are still available during week 4, 6 , 10-11 and 14-16.  

            January, 4th, 2020



Phone: (+46) 725 645 333

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