Raxeira's Dogsledding Adventures is a small company based in Glöte/Lofsdalen, Sweden. It is owned and founded by Nicole Fhors and Erik Lodin, who live permanently on site since the spring of 2018. 

Raxeira's offer personal and authentic outdoor experiences together with their siberian huskies during winter, summer and fall. The company focuses on experiences where the emphasis is put on connecting with the dogs through a very hands-on experience, while also educating their guests concerning sleddogs and the lifestyle.

If you have any questions and concerns, please contact us.


Born in 1987 and raises in the small municipality of Karlsborg, close to the mythical nature preserves of Tiveden in the midwest of Sweden. Animals and nature has always had a very central role in her life. She left her hometown and family home at the age of 15 to study, to then spends a few years post graduation in the Balearic Islands (Spain) working as a resort entertainer for Hi!Hotels. Later she would end up in Stockholm to study at the teachers programme at the University of Stockholm. Being notoriously curious about all life has to offer Nicole has tried many different career paths in many different lines of businesses - but she has always known that what she really yearned for was to build something of her own. It has always been important to her to not have to compromise her values in order to be "successful". 

In 2013 she got into the lifestyle and sport of mushing with dogs when getting her first husky - since then, the huskies belong to her greatest passions in life. Many of her friends and family were amused and confused when the sun-loving girl from the midwest of Sweden, who dreaded cold winters and freezing, declared that she had decided to permanently move to the north of Sweden in order to fully pursue her dream of a quieter life with her huskies.

Besides her love for dogs, Nicole is also very passionate about painting, writing, music  and creative arts of all forms. When she is not running Raxeira's she devotes herself to her artistry and writing, taking on freelance jobs. During 2018-2020 she is also a fulltime student at Leksands Folkhögskola, studying Creative Entrepreneuring parallell to running Raxeira's.

In the company, Nicole is the head of developing ideas, marketing, organisation, planning and all of the creative aspects regarding social media and websites. She is also the one helping you out with bookings and concerns - taking care of all contact with guests. Of course, you will regularly find her on the sled behing the huskies too. 

If you have any questions regarding tours, want to talk about potential collaborations, sponsorships or just talk about life and dogs for hours - Nicole is your to-go-to-person! 


Erik was born in Stockholm in 1985, but spent a big part of his youth growing up in Amsterdam. He also studied a few years in Scotland before moving back to Sweden. Erik today works parttime in the dogsledding business and when he doesn't do that, he works for the tourist resort of Lofsdalen.

In the winter of 2012 Erik and his father went on a three day adventure with sleddogs in Vålådalen along with 40 Alaskan Huskies and their mushers. He was deeply fascinated by these incredible creatures; their independent yet responsive and gentle nature, their drive and their love for running. He knew that if he ever were to get a dog it would be a husky or no dog at all. Little did he know that he'd meet an animal-loving gal a while later and be thrown into a world revolving around the huskies.

Erik as a person is quite calm and grounded. He is not the most talkative person in town and he's not likely to spend hours chitchatting, but he is very involved in the daily routines and the training of the dogs. He will often be found in the sled behind the dogs, on the ATV or out prepping trails with the snowmobile. 

Erik takes care of the more economic parts of running the business. He is also responsible for making sure that things such as sleds, ATVs and snowmobiles work. Nicole may be the creative leader but Erik, with a background within the construction business, takes care of the more technical parts of building the kennel and such.  



RAXEIRA'S är ett litet företag verksamt inom besöksnäringen i Glöte/Lofsdalsfjällen, Härjedalen.

Vi erbjuder personliga och hundnära outdoorupplevelser tillsammans med draghundar

under sommar, höst och vinter.


RAXEIRA'S is a small company based in Glöte/Lofsdalen, Härjedalen in Sweden. 

We offer genuine outdoor experiences with sleddogs during winter, summer and fall. 


We are nearly fully booked for the season!  There are still some available tour dates during week 12 & 14 - or until there is still enough snow on the ground.

           February 28, 2020

We are starting to get pretty fully booked throughout this winter season. We have some tour dates that are still available during week 4, 6 , 10-11 and 14-16.  

            January, 4th, 2020


Email: info@hundspannlofsdalen.com

Phone: (+46) 725 645 333

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